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13 November 2018


13 November 2018

  • Bridging the CISO-CSO Communications Gap
    There was a time when the corporate security team was responsible for setting the policies for overall security within an organization including digital. Today, those responsibilities are likely to be separated between a Chief Security Officer (CSO) and a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This brings into play the views, opinions, needs and requirements of both the CSO and the CISO and the potential conflict that may ensue.
  • 10 Essential Questions to Evaluate Visitor Management
    With millions of people going to work, attending concerts, and even students going back to school, a thought lingers in the back of their minds: Is the building, the venue, the school safe and secure?
  • How to Keep Travel Security Education Relevant & Engaging for Employees
    We are all just a step away from being affected by a potential medical or security incident, whether in the workplace, while traveling on business or simply going about everyday life. The importance of new employee education, new traveler education or a refresher course on travel risk preparedness cannot be understated.
  • How to Set Fire to All Your Servers

    Does the name Brian Howard ring any bells? It should. Howard was a contractor for the FAA who took down a critical piece of infrastructure in our nation’s air space.

  • NCS4, USM Partner with DoD for Event Technology Research

    A new $4.73 million U.S. Department of Defense grant will enable the University of Southern Mississippi and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) to identify gaps in security for sports and entertainment events, review and test innovations provided by the DoD, and potentially commercialize them for use at venues around the U.S.

  • Webinar: Use Real-Time Information to Inform Campus Security and Operations

    Campus environments are uniquely difficult to protect, whether they are for higher education, corporations, or healthcare organizations. In today's world, social media and publicly available data make up an essential information stream for campus protection and operations.

  • Aviation Festival 2018 Recap: Getting Ahead of a Crisis

    Whether it’s an outage at Gatwick Airport, a cyber attack shutting down Bristol Airport or an adverse weather system in Florida, social media has changed the way businesses respond in times of crisis.


13 November 2018